Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why You Should Adopt An Akita

They are loving, loyal and protective of their families.

They do not bark incessantly, but will alert you if a stranger comes to your home and act as a great security system.

They are very clean and easy to housetrain if they aren't already.

They do not eat as much as you would think for a big dog

They are highly intelligent, smart, and motivated to learn. They are easy to train

They do not need as much exercise as you think. One or 2 good walks a day should be sufficient.

They do not need a big yard. Akitas LOVE to be in the house with their people and are much happier.

They are beautiful dogs that don't require a huge amount of maintenance to look that way.

For anyone who thinks Akitas might be "dangerous" or "aggressive", keep in mind that just like individuals, each dog has its own personality. Some get along great with people, other dogs, cats, kids, birds and everything else. Others can be more selective about who they want to hang out with, just like you! The first person in the U.S. to have an Akita was Helen Keller, and I doubt she would have done well with an out of control dog! Akitas are considered to be a national treasure in Japan and are wonderful companions.

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