Monday, October 26, 2009

Ends of the Earth

So, on Saturday night we were supposed to go to "Yappy Hour" as sponsored by the generous folks at Dirty Dogs and Meow in San Diego and Nature's Variety. If you went and you were expecting us, sorry we missed you, but we promise it was for a good cause!

We are a really small group who works ALL OVER Southern California.  No kidding.  On Saturday, I never made it to Dirty Dogs since I drove up to Los Angeles from San Diego to pick up 2 Akitas there.  On Friday afternoon we were notified by one of our FAVORITE shelter workers (Hi T!) that there a couple had left 2 gorgeous purebred Akitas.  Much to our dismay, this happens all the time.  So why was this an emergency?

Well, the Akitas are a bonded pair of brothers, littermates raised since birth.  They were given the very unfortunate names of "Cookie" and "Wonderfluff". And if that wasn't bad enough, poor Wonderfluff is deaf.  He relies on his brother to hear for him.   When the dogs were seperated during intake, they cried and wailed for each other, and  Wonderfluff started to totally freak out.  The LA City Shelter couldn't guarantee that the boys would be placed together, which was essentially a death sentence for Wonderfluff since he is handicapped and was exhibiting "unadoptable" behavior when separated from his brother, and Cookie probably would have been so depressed he would have curled up into a ball in the corner.

So T, who kicks butt on a daily basis,  moved mountains, and sliced through red tape with a quickness.  The boys were at the neuter clinic the next morning, then my happy ass got to roll up to Highland Park and pick up 2 very groggy, conehead wearing Akita kids who were promptly rechristened "East" and "West".  Double the cute, double the fun, double the poop, but they both share a run!

They follow each other everywhere.  Except into water. West fell in the pool, and he is a lousy swimmer.  They are available for adoption now and of course they have to be placed together. DUH! Don't even ask about separating them unless you want to be reincarnated as a an incontinent dog's pet bed. 

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